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So I Am Back from My Business Meeting

Las VegasI was in Melbourne last week, looking at a really big project for the company. Of course I am there counting the beans, trying to figure out the potential for success, how much it will cost and whether or not we will be able to bring it in on budget. The thing is risky, even though we are bringing in a lot of partners if we do it, so that we would only be taking on about half the risk. When I arrived the client had me met at the airport by two very attractive melbourne escorts and a town car. Of course I did not really know this at the time, they were obviously very skilled at following instructions and apparently they had been promised a bonus if they helped convince me to green light the project. It was quite some while before it became crystal clear to me what their intentions was and when I asked them directly they told me what they had been sent to do.

Not knowing exactly what to do I called up the chairman.