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A Nest Egg Waiting for You

breaches European Union law, an adviser to the region’s highest ...Since I started investing several months ago, I have been doing as much research on the subject that I can muster. I have been playing it as cautiously as I can without being so conservative that I do not make any money – you have to be able to take risks in investing, even if you can mitigate those risks to a negligible level. In my research I came across a penny stock egghead review which left me wondering what exactly a penny stock might be. A quick Google search revealed to me that they were shares in a small company that were often incredibly cheap, thus the ‘penny stock’ moniker.

The Diminishing Quality of the Web

As the global economic leader, one who does not live in the United States might think that they have the very best in Internet services services. Unfortunately, for most of America, this is not the case and in fact is the opposite of what the reality really is. Most of us here suffer with poor quality Internet services. As of late I have been trying to find centurylink DSL service rather than being forced to depend on the continuing abuse by my digital cable service provider. You would not believe some of the things that we have to deal with – the inflated and bloated prices that are completely unreasonable especially in return for what we are given. From throttling services to data caps, most of these companies do everything that they can in order to stifle competition. Continue reading

How a Year of Frontier Internet Service Changed My Grandmother

You ever hear that saying about creating a monster? We use it in a humorous way to describe what I turned my grandmother into. Her and granddad have been stuck in the routines of country living for as long as I can remember. I gave them a computer to get them into the new century, but they would not get Internet service. I paid for a year of frontier internet for them, and I spent many an evening and many, many hours on the phone with them teaching them how to navigate the Internet. Well, now grandma is an expert. She shops online, sends hilarious emails that she makes, and even is on social media. You know those funny emails people forward you? Well, my grandma actually is the originator of a bunch of funny ones.

When You Don’t Know Everything

When you find yourself sitting in the dark without power, the smart thing a normal person would do is call their electrician in westchester ny. Unfortunately for my girlfriend and the majority of my family, I seem to lack that gene which expresses common sense and instead it has been apparently replaced with one that instead enhances stubbornness. In my stubbornness, I convinced myself that I was clearly qualified to fix the problem at hand because, you know, I’m a guy. As a guy, it is my sworn duty to take care of any issues that arise which may threaten the happiness of my family – even if I have no idea what I’m doing. Of course, as most men and women know, this is why men do not read the directions on anything – we are intuitively knowledgeable about how most things work.