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Sharing a House with Some Co-workers

directv satellite receiver directv model d10 200 standard video ...I got down here to Corpus Cristi TX about a month and a half ago. The only person I knew down here was a guy we used to call Tex, but down here that is not so great of a nickname. In fact the other guys call me Canada Bill to distinguish me from a guy they Big Bill and one they call by a far less polite name. Tex and I are living down on the beach with two other guys, except it is never all of us at once. We have direct tv on demand in every room in the place and it is pretty big. Continue reading

Started Looking for a New Challenge

Apartment, 20 units 1325 Commonwealth Avenue , Allston MA 02134 MapI am out of the job now that they finished the construction of commonwealth towers and I have a good bit of money saved up, so I am thinking about doing some traveling now. The company has not told me where to go next, but I am guessing that I might not be on this side of the world for long. I figure that I might go do some backpacking type of thing, but I am not sure where. There are some places around this area of the world where you have some unrest obviously. In both Malaysia and in Indonesia you have various insurgent groups. In Burma and Thailand they are tribal groups who think that they should be independent in some way.

Direct TV Deals for State of New York

I would like to get Direct Television at my house soon. Actually, I think since it is the name of a company, it would not be proper to expand out the abbreviation “TV”, when talking about a company that is named “Direct TV.” But I feel that is a very technical distinction, and it is something that I don’t really care about. Anyway, I am curious to look into direct tv in new york to see what sort of prices I can find.

I would like to get Direct TV for my new apartment, because I want to have some entertainment. I am a pretty social person, and I often have friends over. Continue reading