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I Wasn’t Sure Which Provider to Use at First

When I finally bought a house, it was perfect in so many different ways. I had lived in the city for a few years, so the best part of moving was that I was finally back in the country. I am raising two young children, and I knew that country living would be so much nicer for them. One of the only drawbacks, or so I thought, was not knowing how well the Internet would work at my new home. I do a lot of work from my house, so I looked at the best high speed Internet providers that were in my area.

I was really surprised by the options that were actually available to me. I did not think that I would have DSL as an option, nor did I think about wireless options. I thought my only choice would be satellite, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be with that since I needed to have high speeds in both uploading and downloading data. Continue reading