Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Roof Takes on a Storm

The roofs in Brooklyn are built like a tank, but they can even be taken down by the most powerful storm. Just a short while ago, a really powerful storm came through my neighborhood, and it did a lot of damage to the homes. One person’s home had a tree fall through part of their roof. Luckily they weren’t in that part of the house, or they might have been badly injured or died. My own roof had a taken lots of tree damage, so I needed roof replacement in Brooklyn NY.

Although my problems weren’t as bad as the home with the tree through it, they were still bad enough that if I didn’t get them repaired, water would leak through the roof and damage my home. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Contractors

There is little doubt that a plumber can be anything from a nightmare to a godsend, and the difference really comes from making sure to do proper research first. This means using multiple resources and contacts to get the background on a person and find out how they have treated customers in the past. Just because a contractor seems qualified and sounds like a nice person does not mean much, as people can be deceiving in order to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Finding a trustworthy plumber in Bergen County NJ can change all of this though and make the entire process much easier.

The idea is really just to find contractors that can be trusted and stick with them. Continue reading