A Little Haggling Never Hurts

It is very surprising how many people don’t even give a moment’s thought to trying to get a lower price from the hotel than the one they are advertising in their brochures or on their website. Think about the last time you booked a hotel room – did you ask for a discount? Or a free upgrade? It is unlikely, most people don’t. Yet the Cody Wyoming hotels do allow for this in their prices, and by haggling a little you will be very surprised just how easy it is to get a much cheaper price. It should be relatively easy to get a 10% discount very quickly, but in some cases it is possible to achieve up to a 40% discount for exactly the same room and service without any trouble.

So how is it possible to do this? There are a few simple rules to follow, and then it really is all down to confidence. Most people are very shy when it comes to asking for a discount, and feel either that it makes them look cheap or rude. The truth is, it is your right to haggle on price. Think about it – when you buy a house, do you simply hand over the full asking price? No, of course not, you offer a much lower price, then wait for the seller to either accept your offer or decline it, and give you the chance to raise yours.

Very much the same is done when you buy a car – you will discuss the price and then put an offer in below the marked price. It is expected. If such large and serious purchases permit, or even expect, for you to haggle on price, how much more of a right is it to do the same thing when it comes to booking hotel accommodation? They can only say no, and if they do, they’re effectively turning away a potential customer.Once you think of things this way, you’ll begin to pluck up the courage to do it. Another little tip to try if you are really nervous is to try a hotel you have no intention of staying at, and then by knowing you really don’t have anything to lose, you can try to get the listed price down. This will give you some practice, and once you see just how successful you can be, and how easy it is, you’ll be much more confident about having a go with the hotel you really want to stay at.

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