A More Pleasant Way to Shop

Maybe you’ve already seen the Cyber Monday ads for 2015 – they’re coming out of the wood work as the day quickly approaches us. This always happens to me; I see them early on but somehow manage to forget that the holiday season is upon us. It’s as if summer disappears one day leaving behind cooler weather and sales galore. This also means that Black Friday is not far behind – a day that I wish could simply be willed away forever more. It’s an awful day that serves little but to make Americans appear to be no better than starving curs fighting over left over stock.

American companies care nothing for the consumers on this day. Black Friday is an aptly named day; that day which the retail giants are able to pull themselves into the blacks from the red, marking it a profitable season. Never you mind the fact that both employees and shoppers are hurt each year. People die! They’re trampled upon by their fellow shoppers and few arrests are actually made. It’s as if the police are in cahoots with the retailers to ensure that they’re allowed to pull off this scheme every single year. I’m done with it.

Cyber Monday offers a safer, simpler and more enjoyable way to spend my day. I can check out reviews of items I’m interested in on the fly while still being able to enjoy the experience of shopping. I won’t have to worry about being hurried to find stock of an item before they’re gone. I won’t have to sit in traffic or hope I’m able to find a parking spot in the already overwhelmed lots of the malls. I won’t have to hope that I’m able to avoid injury from my fellow shoppers who have that desperate look in their eye.

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