Affordable SEO Services for Small Business is Available if You Shop Around

I was talking to a man I know that is running a big online business. He told me how he got his website into the top five results for search queries that have to do with his product line. Then he told me how much he was paying for his SEO services. It was more than my monthly operating budget! I could not afford that. I needed affordable SEO services for small business guys like me. Something more in line with companies like mine that are selling online.

He had a mega store online. Not his product selection but in the quantity he sold. He had a manufacturing facility make his limited product line and sold his product all over the world. It was a small line with astronomical individual unit sales. Agencies would buy his products by big case lots. My business online was significantly smaller. He was paying to support a whole staff. My business was just me, my wife and a couple of employees. We needed affordable SEO services for small business folks like us.

The good thing is that SEO services are scalable. You can get help from a company that serves big companies but scaled back to your level of need. A good SEO company will grow with you. In fact, a good SEO company will help you grow. That is the number one thing you should be considering when it comes time to pay them. Ask yourself how much did they help your page ranking move up for the amount you are paying each month. That should hold true no matter if you are a giant online retailer or just a smaller fish like us in the ocean of online businesses.

Scalable SEO also does not mean corner cutting. They should give you the same great service they give their larger clients but on a smaller scale. I learned early in this business to do savvy shopping when it comes to getting affordable SEO services for small business needs.

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