Applied for a New Job

I applied for this job today, even though I was not really aware that these sorts of esports jobs were available. This job was in Santa Monica, CA, which is not exactly close to me, but it is not that far if it pays well enough. It is working for Red Bull as an esports program manager. Of course I rather doubt that I am exactly qualified for that, but I looked at it really closely and I am pretty close to what they want. Of course the thing is that esports is something which could really become big in the very near future. All over the world there are millions or even billions of people who grow up spending a big chunk of their lives playing video games and some of them are really good at it. If you are, then there is a small chance that you can really make a good deal of money in the act.

In fact I have played all of these games, but I would have to figure out a lot of things on the fly if I actually got the job. It is not like I am in love with the job that I have at this exact point in time. I could definitely try this for awhile if I got the chance. Red Bull seems like a really big company, but I sort of think that it might not really be them. Instead I would guess that this is something that they are sponsoring and if they found a better chance, then they might just dump this like it was a hot rock. Still I would gladly take a chance on it if it paid fairly well, anything would be a lot more exciting than my 8 hour a day cubicle job.

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