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I Got a Part Time Job

Of course it is not as though I am having much fun, but I am making a good bit of money in a relative sense. I have been working for this masonry contractor in Nassau county NY and right now I am as much a beast of burden as I am a workman. In fact I have always been a big guy and I have been working out for the past three years while I played football in high school. I was hoping to play football in college, but instead I am going to have to go to SUNY Albany without a scholarship. At any rate the idea is to work full time until I have to show up at campus and save every penny that I can get my hands upon. Continue reading

I Absolutely Love the Apartment I Live in

It did not surprise me when I found out that the best apartments in Taylorsville Utah were at the Autumn Glen apartment complex. I had been looking at different apartments for about a month, and none of them began to compare to what I had found at Autumn Glen for the price that they wanted. The apartments are so nice, and I was able to confirm that with pictures that were on the website of the complex. There are so many things that each apartment has, like a fireplace, ceiling fans, vaulted ceilings and so much more.

One of the things that I like best about the apartment that I have now is the amount of storage space in it. The main floor has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. There is also a deck that has a huge storage closet attached to it. Continue reading

The Best Apartment for the Two of Us

I wanted to look at the best apartments for Parkville MO residents, so I took my time to make sure that I had looked at all of the ones that I was interested in. I wanted something that was close to downtown since that is where I work, and there was really only one complex that I was interested in after looking at all the ones available. The Links of Parkville has everything that a person or family could want, and I was able to find a great apartment there for a reasonable price. Continue reading

Beautiful Apartment Living in Texas

My husband, who had been looking for real work for a couple of years, suddenly got a job in Texas. That day we started looking for apartments near arboretum in Austin because his job was managing a store in that shopping center. It’s apparently very well known in Austin, but of course we didn’t know enough about the area other than that we needed to find a place to stay very quickly because we’re going down there in a matter of a few weeks. My fear was that we wouldn’t be able to find anything at such short notice.

I needn’t have worried, however, because our search turned up a number of promising leads. Further investigation turned up a complex that just looked adorable to both of us. The pictures of the apartments were really snazzy, and the grounds and pool looked gorgeous. Continue reading

Nice Homes for Sale Near Los Angeles

I am looking to buy a new house, and I want to get something that is located a bit further away from the city of Los Angeles than my currnet house is. I am mostly working from home these days, and so I do not have to commute to my office except maybe once a week, or once every other week. So that means I can definitely afford to move further away from Los Angeles, and I am looking into info on Desert homes that are for sale in the city of Desert Springs. I am very interested in this city in particular, because everything about it seems to match my tastes, which is a good sign if you ask me.

I had never visted the city before last year, even thoughi it is not all that far away from where I have lived for the past two decades. Continue reading

Applied for a New Job

I applied for this job today, even though I was not really aware that these sorts of esports jobs were available. This job was in Santa Monica, CA, which is not exactly close to me, but it is not that far if it pays well enough. It is working for Red Bull as an esports program manager. Of course I rather doubt that I am exactly qualified for that, but I looked at it really closely and I am pretty close to what they want. Of course the thing is that esports is something which could really become big in the very near future. Continue reading

I Just Got My New Phone

Of course I have been looking for the right smartphone for me for months and months. It was a matter of the best overall deal, because I did not have the money to spend on everything I really wanted. You want the best network, the best phone and all of the data in the world, of course you do not want to buy smartphone accessories. You want them to throw all of that stuff in, but of course I needed a case and I wanted a really good one. The last phone I had ended up with a broken screen and it had a case. Continue reading

Great Apartment Value in Leesburg Virginia

I really need to find an apartment soon, and it is kind of stressing me out. I did not really expect to need to find an apartment so quickly. But I applied for a job awhile back, and I didn’t think I would get it. But they gave it to me a couple days after I came in for an interview, much to my surprise. I am excited to be sure, but I have to find info about apartments in Leesburg VA that are available for rent right now, because in order to be able to start this new job, I will have to move a bit closer to it. I guess I could technically pull off the commute right now, but it would probably waste over a couple hours a day, and that really does not sound very ideal.

Not to mention the additional costs associated with all the extra gas I would use on a daily basis with such a long commute. Continue reading

Setting Up a New Location

The boss told me to meet him here a few days ago. It was an old warehouse and he told me that we wanted to turn it into a new location, with a store in the front and a big storage and distribution center in the back. I was aghast at how much work needed to be done. It was a lot of little things and a half dozen major things. The big thing is going to be AC repair in Manhattan, NY as the place does not have a functional air conditioner at this point in time. In fact repair probably is just a waste of time and money, because it likely is not going to hold up indefinitely. Continue reading

Getting Weight Under Control by Controlling Your Food Intake with Portion Controlled Meals

Losing weight follows a simple formula that works for everyone. However, different people take a different approach to realizing that formula. It is simple. Eat less calories than you burn, or burn more calories than you take in. You can’t get around that. If you eat less and add exercise to burn more, you do better at weight loss because of avoiding muscle loss. If you cannot control what you eat, then maybe try something such as Medifast coupons and discount codes to get a portion controlled meal system to get you started.

Changing what you eat is not as important in the beginning as changing how much you eat. However, if you are on a real junk food diet, then getting portion control foods that are healthy is a good choice for getting started on a diet regiment to lose weight. Medifast can get you good food in the right amounts for each meal. Continue reading

Drain Cleaning Options Bergen County

I am moving into this house, and I had it inspected just recently. It turns out that the plumbing is kind of messed up, and that it is going to need to get fixed as soon as possible. What seems to be the problem is that the sewer drain is clogged. It needs to be cleaned, and I am going to have to find expert drain cleaning in Bergen county NJ to fix this problem before it gets any worse than it already is. I can’t imagine what it would be like if sewage were to actually back up into the house. I feel like the previous owners of this house should have had this taken care of before they sold it to me. Continue reading

Is It Safe to Work at a Dry Cleaner

I am looking for a job over the Christmas vacation and I have been talking to a number of places. The one that seems to be the best option is working for a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ. I did not realize that there were a lot of chemicals in use with that stuff though. In fact I really never thought too much about how a dry cleaning operation works. The definition says that you just use a solvent other than water and the one that is mentioned the most is called Perc by the people in the business, but it is a chemical called tetrachloroethylene most of the time. Continue reading

The Roof Takes on a Storm

The roofs in Brooklyn are built like a tank, but they can even be taken down by the most powerful storm. Just a short while ago, a really powerful storm came through my neighborhood, and it did a lot of damage to the homes. One person’s home had a tree fall through part of their roof. Luckily they weren’t in that part of the house, or they might have been badly injured or died. My own roof had a taken lots of tree damage, so I needed roof replacement in Brooklyn NY.

Although my problems weren’t as bad as the home with the tree through it, they were still bad enough that if I didn’t get them repaired, water would leak through the roof and damage my home. Continue reading

Spending the Winter in Florida

Of course I need to finish school, but there was not any way that I could really. I am about three credit hours shy of graduating and there is not going to be the class I need until the spring semester. Of course the winter semester is pretty thin compared to the spring and fall semesters. It was not worth my time to hang around and I knew my grandfather could give me a temporary job. I looked around at apartments in tampa fl and then I got a ticket down to Orlando. Of course I knew that I could find a really cheap ticket down to there and I knew Southwest flies down to there as well. They have really cheap tickets, in fact if I had a car right now I could not drive down there for what I got the plane ticket for. My grand dad met me down there and we drove to Tampa.

The first thing I had to do was to get my Florida driver’s license. I was not aware of this when I sold my car and quit paying my auto insurance, but in North Carolina they make you give up your driver’s license when you do not have insurance. So I have not had a license since the end of the spring semester last year. They do not have the same laws here and at any rate my grandfather has me insured to drive all of his cars. That is still one of his sidelines in fact. He does not sell a lot of insurance, but he will write a few policies every now and again for people that he knows. Mostly he is involved in the apartment and condo business down here and he has all sorts of work for me to do.