Getting Weight Under Control by Controlling Your Food Intake with Portion Controlled Meals

Losing weight follows a simple formula that works for everyone. However, different people take a different approach to realizing that formula. It is simple. Eat less calories than you burn, or burn more calories than you take in. You can’t get around that. If you eat less and add exercise to burn more, you do better at weight loss because of avoiding muscle loss. If you cannot control what you eat, then maybe try something such as Medifast coupons and discount codes to get a portion controlled meal system to get you started.

Changing what you eat is not as important in the beginning as changing how much you eat. However, if you are on a real junk food diet, then getting portion control foods that are healthy is a good choice for getting started on a diet regiment to lose weight. Medifast can get you good food in the right amounts for each meal. This way you do not overeat if you follow the plan’s guidelines.

Losing weight should be a slow and steady process. You do not want to be having your body eat away at your muscle mass and leave the fat. Your body literally hangs onto fat for dear life. It is the food reserve during lean times. You do not need all that muscle, so your body will actually catabolize (consume) some of your own muscle mass to survive.

Eating the right amount of calories in the proper proportions of fat, carbs, protein, micro and macronutrients and fiber helps you get control of your weight. Portion control takes care of controlling the amount of calories you take in each and every day. You cannot overeat on a meal plan as long as you do not open more than what is allotted to you for each meal.

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