Great Apartments at Low Costs

I found some amazing apartments in Columbia recently. I was doing what I generally do when I look for a new apartment. I try to avoid checking out those apartment listings on the web and instead go for a walk around neighborhoods near a college campus. More often than not I can find something that is big enough to be comfortable for a single individual, usually twice as big as what you might pay at some cookie-cutter apartment complex sprawl, at half the price. Generally these apartments are owned by individuals who are just making some side cash from their units so they’re not completely invested in real estate.

Too, the apartments that you will find out here are being targeted to students so it becomes far easier to find something that’s going to be cheap. I’ve always been surprised by how cheap I can find apartments here. One apartment that I had recently was only $450 a month which included all my utilities! Seriously, that kind of deal is not something that you are going to be able to find in most areas and when you are on a budget like me, it’s a life saver.

It helps that they are pretty cool looking, too! Every apartment that I have had out here over the years has had a different and unique vibe to it. Everything from old hardwood floors with arching ceilings to the apartment that had a sweet Murphy bed in it. That had to be my favorite and it was a serious bummer when I moved out! But I like being on the move and finding new apartments, always hoping that I’ll be able to find something that is amazing as well as cheap! I haven’t found the perfect place yet but I know that I am getting close.

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