I Got a Part Time Job

Of course it is not as though I am having much fun, but I am making a good bit of money in a relative sense. I have been working for this masonry contractor in Nassau county NY and right now I am as much a beast of burden as I am a workman. In fact I have always been a big guy and I have been working out for the past three years while I played football in high school. I was hoping to play football in college, but instead I am going to have to go to SUNY Albany without a scholarship. At any rate the idea is to work full time until I have to show up at campus and save every penny that I can get my hands upon. It is a big deal because I want to be able to adapt to college without having to spend too much time working. I still need to have money, although my folks can help out a bit.

At any rate the work we are doing now is on a big job, but there is a lot of stuff that has to be moved from the trucks to the site where it is needed. So I have been given the job of unloading the trucks and loading stuff into wheelbarrows and then take it about fifty yards to where it is needed. The stuff is heavy, but obviously I am not exactly a skilled mason. So it is not as though I have the skills that they need and it makes a lot of sense for me to do this stuff, so that the guys who know what they are doing have the time to do the skilled work. I have been really soaked in sweat much of the time.

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