I Just Got My New Phone

Of course I have been looking for the right smartphone for me for months and months. It was a matter of the best overall deal, because I did not have the money to spend on everything I really wanted. You want the best network, the best phone and all of the data in the world, of course you do not want to buy smartphone accessories. You want them to throw all of that stuff in, but of course I needed a case and I wanted a really good one. The last phone I had ended up with a broken screen and it had a case. It simply did not do much good, of course nothing will if the phone lands screen down on some sharp edge. In that case the phone fell as I was walking across the street on campus, it landed on the curb and shattered pretty much at once.

This phone is really nice, but it costs a bit more than I had hoped to pay. The plan was what I really worried over. It has all of the texts that I need, because that is what I really do the most of. Usually I send a quick message, especially if it is someone who would not make things brief if I called them. A lot of people will always want to stretch out any conversation, even when you just want to say something that can be said in a millisecond. So if you just want to deliver a message, a text is a really efficient way to do it and that is what I do any time that it can be done. I only call you if there is a real need for a conversation, if you have to work out the details of a problem.

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