I Started Looking for a New Job

Of course this is one of those things where I really do not think that I have all that much choice in the matter. It was not something that I planned, but of course at the time I certainly did not mind. Right now I am trying out this resume template and figuring that I need to get this done before Mr. Bryant retires. This is one of those things where you get tangled up in office politics. A couple of months ago we got this really cute intern in for the summer. She was about twenty two years old and pretty close to adorable. I was working pretty closely with her and she seemed to get this crush on me. At any rate I am not the sort of guy to turn my back on this sort of attention. She and I went out after work about a dozen times and it was going really well, but of course at the start of the next semester she went back to school.

The problem is something that I knew nothing about. Mr. Bryant’s spoiled brat of a son also liked this girl. In fact he seems to have been a little bit obsessed with her, but she had no interest at all in his game. At the moment none of this is that big of a deal. His father does not love me like a son, but he knows good and well that I am good at my job. That is the alpha and the omega to him. Aside from that what I do is of no concern to him. Of course he knew about this vendetta before I did and he did not really argue when I told him I was going to have to find a new job before he retired. In fact I think he’s worried I might sue him.

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