Let Me Be Faithful to You, Netflix

For those of us who have to travel a lot, not being able to access our Netflix shows wherever we go has kind of turned into a giant pain. Most of my problem is the fact that I’m in Canada at least three days out of the week recently which means that I’ve been losing out on some serious Netflix binging time whenever I get out of the data center. Come on guys, let me watch what I want to watch without having to resort to third party tools like Netflix USA. I want to give you money. I love the fact you, Netflix, has let me cut the cord to my cable company. Let me give you just a bit more money to have access to the shows I’ve been watching!

I know it’s not your fault, Netflix. I know that so many of the restrictions you’ve placed on your customers are because of the distribution companies and the production companies doing their whole greed thing that they’re so good at. I know, Netflix, that you started partnering up with the likes of Marvel so we can have access to the content that we’ve clearly expressed that we enjoy. You’ve done good by us, Netflix.

I still have to cheat you, sometimes. I want to finish the anime that I started back home before flying into Canada. I didn’t start the show so I couldn’t finish it, you know? I hope you can forgive me for being such a jerk to you by using a VPN to bypass your regional lock. It’s something I learned how to do a long time ago. It’s not your fault and I’m glad you don’t crack down on it as hard as you could; heck, you could revoke my account! You haven’t and for that, I’ll still give you my money.

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