Setting Up a New Location

The boss told me to meet him here a few days ago. It was an old warehouse and he told me that we wanted to turn it into a new location, with a store in the front and a big storage and distribution center in the back. I was aghast at how much work needed to be done. It was a lot of little things and a half dozen major things. The big thing is going to be AC repair in Manhattan, NY as the place does not have a functional air conditioner at this point in time. In fact repair probably is just a waste of time and money, because it likely is not going to hold up indefinitely. You are better off going ahead and getting a new system that is probably going to go ten years of more with not trouble. Of course the boss knows this, but he also knows that it is going to cost several times as much out of pocket costs.

I have been working on the place for about a week now and it has started to get a little better. The big thing we have done is simply cleaning up the place. It was full of trash when we started. Most of it was in fact scrap metal, which we put on a big trailer and sold at a scrap yard. That was very difficult and we had to rent a little machine to load some of the heavy stuff. It took quite a bit of hard work to get the place cleaned out, then we took a rented pressure washer and moved all of the dirt from the floors and the walls. I hired some temp workers to help me with the job, they were not really happy to learn what I wanted.

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