The Best Apartment for the Two of Us

I wanted to look at the best apartments for Parkville MO residents, so I took my time to make sure that I had looked at all of the ones that I was interested in. I wanted something that was close to downtown since that is where I work, and there was really only one complex that I was interested in after looking at all the ones available. The Links of Parkville has everything that a person or family could want, and I was able to find a great apartment there for a reasonable price.

Even though I am single, I still wanted a two bedroom apartment because I am planning on proposing to the girl of my dreams soon. I just wanted to make sure that all of my ducks are in a row first, which includes finding the apartment that we will live in for at least the first several years of our marriage. Since we both want kids, I knew that a two bedroom would be best so we would not have to move when she does become pregnant. Looking at all the two bedroom options there was just amazing.

There are five different options. Two of them are apartments. One has one bathroom and the other has two bathrooms. There is also one townhome, which also has two bathrooms. Finally, there are two duplexes, and those are what interested me the most. The larger one is only a hundred dollars more, but it is well worth it because there is so much more room. It also has its own garage, a balcony, and I can even get a discount on the price because I was in the military. I showed my girlfriend to make sure she likes it, and she does even more than I do, which is a lot!

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