Working on a Small Business Project

I am not going to be deeply involved in this project, but I have agreed to help a couple of my friends get a small business off of the ground. It is going to be pretty tough to figure out some of the regulatory issues involved in this business. The big thing is dealing with the EPA, because some of the processes that they use involve emissions that have to be filtered before they get out of the air. I trying out this free invoice template word that I found on the web this morning. Obviously you are going to have to get people to pay you and you are going to want to have that money coming back into your coffers as soon as it is possible. You are going to have a lot of expenses and unless you have really deep pockets you shall certainly run out of initial capital in a hurry. I am thinking that they probably need to go to the bank and borrow a fair sum of money. Neither of them is all that keen on this idea, but you really do not want to start out on a shoe string and then run out of money prior to having your cash flow fixed. At that point the bank is going to look at your books and they are going to think that you are in a whole lot of trouble, which is not going to make them wish to lend you money.. It is going to be too late to fix things if you give the impression that you are at risk of failing. Of course banks are not in the business of taking risks that are not justified, they want to make sure they get the money back with near certainty. You have to make them believe you will repay the loan

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